Saturday, February 23, 2013


Death in its natural state is an intellectual transition and equalizer.

Theoretical Physics is the Apex of Human Thought

Theoretical physics is a fundamental axiom of human thought, and the juxtaposition of objectivity, subjectivity, and ingenuity cements theoretical physics’ significance among the realms of human cognition. Theoretical physics’ ability to transcend beyond and merge together the concepts that are representative of the contrarian ends of the intellectual and/or cognitive spectrum (subjectivity and objectivity) solidifies its imperativeness. Theoretical physics demands an ingenuity that surpasses the confines of everyday (intellectual) practices. Comprehending the scope of the intricacies and the complex dynamics of the universe commands a great level of intellectual dexterity that is not commonly found in unrelated fields of study or thought. My introduction to theoretical physics helped me to anticipate and seek out the inner intricacies of both the universe and the mechanisms (airplanes, atoms, etc.) that drive the subatomic and macroscopic realms. Theoretical physics communicated to me the endless intellectual possibilities of physics and its many subdivisions. Since my introduction to theoretical physics, I have encountered a wide array of divergent forms of cognition, and I have exercised commitment to the advancement of my scientific dexterity. Theoretical physics prompted me to seek out the inner complexities of nature and, I now possess an ardor for theoretical physics that surpasses my enthusiasm towards any opposing and/or tangential entity. Theoretical physics is among the great pillars and inventions of the human race. The juxtaposition of complex theoretical work with the multiple layers inherent in physics presents an intellectual outlier that permeates the toughest realms of human intellectualism and/or thought. Theoretical physics is a discipline not devoid of innovation or challenging quandaries. Although objectivity is dominant in theoretical physics, subjectivity is involved through the process of creating theories that did not exist before. The integration of theoretical physics into everyday life and/or cognition can induce highly enlightening cerebral and personal experiences. Theoretical physics transcends the impediments of human (intellectual) idiosyncrasies, creating a global framework that includes all areas of active thought.  Enlightenment and intellectually active rudiments are universal components that positively define the human disposition. Theoretical physics is a complex and imperative instrument to both the scientific and intellectual realms of human thought.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pop Culture: My Collective (and brief) Opinion

Pop culture is insignificant. Culture is significant. Pop culture is a parade of the artificial and encourage s intellectual perfunctory. The celebration and jubilation that surrounds celebrities and stupidity drives and creates pop culture. Innovation and integrity creates real culture. Modern society is pop culture. Innovation and science are real culture. Pop culture has spawned insignificant, insipid, and non-reflective literature. The lack of construction involving classic or intelligent literature has been left to celebrities that dominate pop culture. The literature is usually of the biographical nature, suppressing any demand for intelligent, thoughtful, reflective, and complex literature.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top 12 Physicists (In no particular order)

12. Wilhelm Rontgen
11. Ernest Rutherford
10. Frank Wilczek
9. Steven Hawking
8.Ernst Mach
7. Max Planck
6. Paul Dirac
5.Neils Bohr
4.Galileo Galilei
3.Albert Einstein
2.Issac Newton
1.Enrico Fermi

My Incomplete Business Plan

Name- The Harris Institute/Firm of Scientific Studies/Research

Objective- Utilizing an extensive team of talented scientists to research the within the confines of physics, astronomy, chemistry, and neuroscience; leading global research institution

Specialized disciplines- astrophysics, experimental physics, nuclear/particle physics, theoretical physics, string theory, biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, applied physics

Location/Headquarters- San Jose, California; Pasadena, California; or Plano, Texas

Employment- Employees are selected through one of three avenues; internships, traditional application process (minus the interview) or the drafting and execution of an experiment or study that adheres to the applicant’s desired discipline; applicants can choose how they want to apply from the three above/aforesaid options

Employment (Pasadena) - Interns from Caltech

Equipment and Facilities- labs, telescopes, computers, phones,

Supplier (radiological technology)-Innovative Physics Ltd.

Financial Plan/Investor(s)-

Investment help-AIS

Market- global science community (other institutions, independent scientists, general public, scientific publications, etc.)




Direct: Fermilab, CERN, NASA, Max Planck Institute

Advantages: finances, numerous and highly competent resources (equipment and people (employees/scientists), well established/acclimated institutions


Marketing- website, scientific publications, collaborate with multiple universities for research; collaborate with large scientific institutions (ones committed to scientific discovery)

Pop Culture

Pop culture is insignificant. Culture is significant. Pop culture is a parade of the artificial and encourage s intellectual perfunctory. The celebration and jubilation that surrounds celebrities and stupidity drives and creates pop culture. Innovation and integrity creates real culture. Modern society is pop culture. Innovation and science are real culture.

Modern Society

The induction/introduction/advent and amplification of the insipid,vapid, and anti-intellectual realms of society that presides in and defines pop culture has unfortunately transcended the political, intellectual, scientific (to a lesser extent), and artistic integrity and constructs/constituents of modern (American) society. The political landscape(s) of (modern) American society can be attributed to partisanship and sub-par politics and politicians. The infiltration of pop culture into politics has created a political landscape that focuses primarily on political parties, pseudo-morals, and pseudo-politics within the political community. The declination of an astute, effective, and intelligent political culture is due to the progression of anti-intellectualism that has always been prevalent but has now reached its pinnacle. The saturation and dilution of pop culture/society with music and television that is designed to discourage intellectual thought and endeavors has contributed greatly to the decline of modern intellectualism. The absence of public intellectuals is also both a cause and by-product of the aforesaid quandaries. The decline of cognitive complexity has manifested itself into the “artistic” realms of American culture. The messages of modern American artistic excursions entail blatant disregard and apathy towards the elevation of cognitive processes, artistic aptitude, and the intellect. Science is an entity that (usually) intellectually transcends pop culture. The advent and prominence of “scientific” studies that focus on pop psychology, relationships, and social encounters has brought down psychology and, to a lesser extent, the whole of science. Although anti-intellectualism and pop culture have always been a part of society, the extent to which anti-intellectualism is celebrated and implemented is unprecedented.